Free VR headset for all VR tours booked in May 2018

The exponential rise in the number of VR users is expect to top 171 million in 2018 – double that of 2017.

According to The next, these are the 5 top trends for VR in 2018.

1. Expect to see more 360° VR videos

2. We will see more VR adoption in advertising

3. A rise in VR developers

4. A more immersive experience

5. Increased availability, and reduced cost, of VR products

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It’s exciting to watch first-time users get their first experience using a VR headset to watch a virtual tour of a property and to that end we would like to do our bit to encourage that trend.

During the month of May 2018, wtftv will give away a free VR headset to all property owners who book a  wtftv VR tour with their Real Estate Agent.

The VR headsets are simple to set up – all you need is a compatible mobile phone (Apple or Samsung at present). We will even happily help you through the setup process at the time of recording the VR tour.

If you haven’t booked a wtftv Interactive VR tour yet, here’s a great reason to do so and wow your vendors with this amazing technology.

email us now to get your free wtftv VR headset for your vendor today!


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