Blood Moon over the Bay

Getting up at stupid O’clock can bring some incredible rewards for photographers in the Bay.

On Saturday 28 July 2018, hordes of weary people arose from their slumber in anticipation of the Blood Moon Lunar eclipse. In a tribute to Murphy’s Law, the one day over the last ten cloudless days, saw a blanket of cloud descend upon us for the duration of the eclipse.

Fortunately, the evening following saw a brief glimpse of the red moon rising off the east coast at Box Beach, which I was fortunate enough to be patiently waiting for.

Thankfully, for those who did wake up for the original blood moon, they were treated to one of the most spectacular sunrises that had been seen in days.

The Bay never disappoints when it comes to showing off its beauty.

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House Rules on Prime 7

House Rules on Prime 7 continues and here is another 3D house reveal made possible by Australian Matterport Service Providers.

3D VR house Tours are a great way for potential buyers to get a real feel for a property well beyond the traditional photos traditionally used.

As technology opens up to more people, it’s a perfect time to embrace this innovative experience for your home with a 3D VR tour from your local Matterport Service Provider.

wtftv is your local Matterport Service Provider for Port Stephens, providing interactive 3D virtual tours for Real Estate in the Bay area using the latest Matterport Pro 2  3D camera.

Check out this 3D house reveal, which is all about 50 shades of grey and the colour purple.


Tweed Heads NSW Reno | House Rules

House Rules returns in 2018, continuing to break new territory with even bigger challenges and designs. This year’s…

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Matterport 3D Virtual Tours now showing on Prime Seven’s House Rules!

In a first for prime-time television, this year’s current season of House Rules will feature 3D house reveals, using the Matterport virtual tour technology to bring the homes to life.

Using a virtual tour opens up a new level of viewer engagement, whereby audiences can now get a first hand feel of the renovations by virtually touring the homes themselves.

House Rules was ranked the number 3 top viewed program on regional television, with 367,000 viewers watching the show on Thursday 3 May 2018. (OzTAM ratings), and continues to draw large audiences in the major capitals as well.

Matterport Service Partners have provided the 3D technology to produce the house reveals, which is exciting news for vendors currently using Matterport Virtual Tours in their marketing mix. With large numbers of television audiences becoming familiar with virtual tours, more and more people will be looking to virtual tours as part of their buying process.

wtftv is your local Matterport Service Partner for Port Stephens and can produce a 3D interactive virtual tour for your property from as little as $330 (inc. GST).

For the month of May, we are giving away a free virtual headset with every tour booking made, just by quoting the code HOUSERULES2018.

To find out more about Matterport 3D  Virtual Tours, just drop us an email at and we’ll be happy to explain how a Matterport 3D virtual tour can help you in your property marketing.

House Rules can be seen on the  Prime 7 network Sun – Thursday at 7:30pm.

To view the latest 3D House Reveal just visit the House Rules 3D House Reveal page.


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Free VR headset for all VR tours booked in May 2018

The exponential rise in the number of VR users is expect to top 171 million in 2018 – double that of 2017.

According to The next, these are the 5 top trends for VR in 2018.

1. Expect to see more 360° VR videos

2. We will see more VR adoption in advertising

3. A rise in VR developers

4. A more immersive experience

5. Increased availability, and reduced cost, of VR products

read the full article here

It’s exciting to watch first-time users get their first experience using a VR headset to watch a virtual tour of a property and to that end we would like to do our bit to encourage that trend.

During the month of May 2018, wtftv will give away a free VR headset to all property owners who book a  wtftv VR tour with their Real Estate Agent.

The VR headsets are simple to set up – all you need is a compatible mobile phone (Apple or Samsung at present). We will even happily help you through the setup process at the time of recording the VR tour.

If you haven’t booked a wtftv Interactive VR tour yet, here’s a great reason to do so and wow your vendors with this amazing technology.

email us now to get your free wtftv VR headset for your vendor today!


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$330 for a VR property tour for Port Stephens locals. Book now for our May schedule!

Interesting to note that listing sites have started to realise the impact that virtual tours have on audience engagement. research shows that people spend on average, an extra 52% longer on a listing with a virtual tour included. The availability of headsets and VR content, as well as the increase of augmented reality technology points to a big future for 3D and VR in Real Estate. If you haven’t booked your spot for May, it’s not too late to pick up a VR tour for $330 (inc. GST) for Port Stephens locals.


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Picture perfect in the Bay!

The weather here in the Bay has been perfect of late, which means a great opportunity to take the DSLR out to capture a few moments. In case you missed them when they were shown on NBN news over the last few days, here they are again.




You can also catch our shots from around the Bay on our facebook page

There is nothing more rewarding than getting up before the Sun and waiting for those first few moments of a brand new day. These are moments I love to capture and share in the beauty of the place I call home.

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Interactivity begins with the advertising – Free QR codes.

Embracing the power of the QR code.

As people find more and more uses for their mobile devices, the use of QR codes has never been more timely. We first came across these about 12 years ago, and although the adoption rate was slowish, marketers are finding more and creative ways of utilising this technology in their marketing communications.

By placing a QR code right into your POS and print advertising, you can instantly transport a potential buyer right into a tour there and then. Apart from generating buzz, a QR code also keeps top of mind awareness and allows for more qualified prospects for house inspections.

wtftv can generate a QR image for your tour and provide it for you at no extra cost. It’s all part of providing our clients with the latest technology to help keep you top of the game in marketing.

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Back in the Bay

After 2 weeks over in New Zealand, it’s back to work again here in the Bay.
Some of the sights in NZ are truly breathtaking, and the friendly greeting by the locals is a credit to our Kiwi cousins.
We are again taking bookings and catching up on some shoots that our valued clients have patiently waited for us to return to Australia to produce.

There are some amazing properties coming up in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for the latest virtual tours as we produce them.
Here’s just one of the amazing scenes we encountered in the Fjordlands of NZ.

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Another Bay – Another Day

Out of the Office till 14 february 2018

We’re going to be over the ditch in New Zealand from 31 January until 14 February 2018. We value all of our clients and look forward to serving you on our return on 14 February 2018. I’ll continue to monitor emails where possible, however there will be some significant travelling involved, so I’m not sure how good our connections will be.

If you are wanting to book a Virtual Tour, could you please do so via email and I will schedule a time for when I return.

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Setting up your wtftv VR Headset

Virtual Tours can be viewed in stunning 3D using the wtftv VR Headset.

Just by tapping on on any of the wtftv 360º Interactive Virtual Tours gives you the option to view a tour in 3D in just a few simple steps.

  1. Download a scanner app onto your phone from either the App store or Google play.
  2. Scan the QR code on the headset to take you to the home page of the wtftv website.
  3. tap on any of the featured wtftv 360º Interactive Virtual Tours
  4. Tap on the Google Cardboard icon to launch VR mode and follow the prompts to set up your phone for VR mode.

The following video will help to explain the process.

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Win a Dinner Cruise!

Want to win a dinner cruise for your family?

At wtftv, we are always looking for innovative ways to improve the quality and experience our clients receive with their Virtual Tours.

As part of the worldwide Matterport service Partner network, we have access to all the latest technology from around the world.

So we are excited to announce we will be including hidden Easter eggs in some of our upcoming tours!

Find one, and you can enter the draw to win a family dinner cruise with Moonshadow TQV in beautiful Nelson Bay.



There are also 5 prizes of VR headsets to give away as well.


You don’t need to buy anything, it’s just our way of getting more people familiar with VR technology, which is great for us and our clients.


If you haven’t tried a wtftv 360º Interactive 3D Virtual Tour, now’s a great time to view one.


Good luck and happy hunting!

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Welcome to 2018!

Welcome to wtftv, your Matterport Service Partner for Port Stephens.

wtftv provides 360º 3D Interactive Virtual Tours for Real Estate using the latest technology from Matterport.

More and more people are starting to grasp onto the concept of VR and AR using their mobile devices, so now is the right time to embrace the technology in your marketing efforts.

wtftv is locally based in Corlette, and our aim is to provide a tech-friendly VR solution for our local market, embracing the latest technology as it becomes available.

2018 looks to be a groundbreaking year with the introduction of Google Streetview partnering with Matterport to provide an even more dynamic solution for clients.

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